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Thank you for showing an interest and clicking through to my personal site where you can learn a little more about the different kinds of areas I’m currently focused on and how you might work with me.

For those that may not not yet know me, I’m a founder of startups, a marketer of brands, a coder of software, a lifter of heavy things, a lover of nature and a traveller of globes!

I get excited at work that can have a big impact on the world! 

You can build out a new sales channel for your business from paid ads through my agency Snowball Creations, or learn to execute better than ever on your week through my smart weekly planner, Forzeit.

On top of my passions above, I love to teach and pass on experience I’ve had so far – whether that be workshops, coaching or giving talks.

Please do reach out if you’re interested in working with me.

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I love producing videos connected into my weirdly broad variety of passions.

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